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  • family enjoying a meal together
    6th Oct 2019 / All

    Family Meals: The importance of eating together as a family

    Picture the scene… you get home from work, crash on the sofa, and hear the familiar chime of ‘we’re huuuungry’. You sigh, remove yourself…

  • Jackfruit cut in half
    7th Sep 2019 / All

    What is jackfruit and can it replace meat?

    Estimated reading time: Less than 2 minutes What is the jackfruit? Jackfruit is all rage now and is being billed as the hottest new…

  • inside fridge view of meal prep delivery
    18th Aug 2019 / All

    The 5 benefits I found from switching to meal prep delivery

    Estimated reading time: 3 minutes It was about two years ago when I first tried a meal prep delivery service. There’d been periods where…

  • Penny Belle ADHD Mental Health Blogger
    10th Feb 2019 / Mental Health

    Plant-based food, focus and ADHD with Penny Belle

    At BALANCE Meals, our mission is to create healthy, nutritious meals that support people on their health and fitness journeys. We’re big believers that…

  • 5th Dec 2018 / Team

    BALANCE meal prep reviewed on Gym Shark blog!

    Today we were featured on Gym Shark’s blog in an article all about healthy vegan meal prep! We’re big fans of Gym Shark and…

  • Balance Meals Meal Prep Review
    26th Nov 2018 / Productivity

    How To Stay On Track With Your Goals When You’re Busy!

    This week, we’re having a blog takeover! Gaby is 22 and works in the music industry. Keep reading to find out more about why…

  • vegan-meal-prep-uk-balance
    21st Nov 2018 / Nutrition

    What Happens When A Hardcore Carnivore Goes Plant Based?!

    To celebrate the launch of our new vegan meal prep plans, 1/3 of the BALANCE co-founders (me!) has decided to go fully plant based…

  • Form Review Balance Meals
    16th Oct 2018 / Nutrition

    FORM Personal Training Review Our Meal Prep

    As a young, growing start up, there’s nothing we love more than hearing good feedback about our product! So we we’re particularly excited to…

  • Sleep More For Health
    14th Oct 2018 / Health

    Is Sleep The Missing Ingredient For Your Health?!

    Be honest, how often do you really think about sleep, unless you’re getting out of bed (and really don’t want to?!) or close to…

  • 5 Tips For A More Productive Week
    1st Oct 2018 / Productivity

    5 Tips For A More Productive Week

    Productivity and time management are two of the best things you can master! Especially if you’re working on a side hustle, running your own…

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