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  • Jackfruit cut in half
    7th Sep 2019 / All

    What is jackfruit and can it replace meat?

    Estimated reading time: Less than 2 minutes What is the jackfruit? Jackfruit is all rage now and is being billed as the hottest new…

  • vegan-meal-prep-uk-balance
    21st Nov 2018 / Nutrition

    What Happens When A Hardcore Carnivore Goes Plant Based?!

    To celebrate the launch of our new vegan meal prep plans, 1/3 of the BALANCE co-founders (me!) has decided to go fully plant based…

  • Form Review Balance Meals
    16th Oct 2018 / Nutrition

    FORM Personal Training Review Our Meal Prep

    As a young, growing start up, there’s nothing we love more than hearing good feedback about our product! So we we’re particularly excited to…

  • Healthy Brain Boosting Blueberries
    14th Sep 2018 / Nutrition

    5 Reasons To Eat Blueberries…Right Now!

    This humble blue hued berry is known for it’s super food status – but did you know enough about it to appreciate it’s true…

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