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Family Meals: The importance of eating together as a family

6th Oct 2019 / All
family enjoying a meal together

Picture the scene… you get home from work, crash on the sofa, and hear the familiar chime of ‘we’re huuuungry’. You sigh, remove yourself from your cosy corner, and wonder what on earth everyone’s going to be eating this evening. Well this scenario can be a thing of the past with meal prep delivery. Here’s why…

1. Everyone Can Eat Exactly What They Wish

Maybe you have a dairy dodger in your house? Or someone who just can’t stand broccoli? No worries. At Balance Meals, everyone can eat whatever they like, meaning you can sit back and focus on what’s really important – the eating!

2. Trying New Food Becomes Standard

Getting kids to try unfamiliar flavours and textures can be a parent’s nightmare. As well as it being risky (you could be met with utter disdain), it’s also costly if your little ones just refuse to taste it. The beauty of Balance Meals is trying new food becomes the norm, and the food is choc-full of flavour, making it easier to get the youngsters on side.

3. Everything is Healthy, Wholesome & Tasty

Long gone are the days where you have to choose between a delicious meal and a nutritionally balanced one. At Balance Meals, we dish up both in the same portion. Healthy minds, tummies and appetites. Check.

4. Less Time Washing Up

Let’s be honest, no one enjoys washing up. Whether you’re a plate piler or a sink slave, we want to cut down on your life admin time. All of our food is freshly prepared, beautifully bundled and contained in fully recyclable packaging. Save the bubbles for a post-dinner bath.

5. Less Stress

After a few hours of Peppa Pig and Paw Patrol, you may be feeling a little, well, jaded. You don’t then need the pressure of cooking a big meal for the family, that just won’t do. With Balance Meals there’s no meal planning, prepping or procrastination. Simply order for the week, and have a range of tasty meals delivered to your door. Feeling zen? Sorted.

6. More Family Time

With work/school/social activities/parties/playdates etc etc sitting down together for a family meal can sometimes feel impossible. Balance Meals gives you the gift of time to enjoy those precious moments as a unit. You might even have an hour or two spare for a family walk or board game after. Hungry Hippos, anyone?

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