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How to get out of your comfort zone & reach your goals!

This week at The Good Prep HQ, we’ve been talking a lot about comfort zones. In particular, how feeling good in the moment can actually prevent us from reaching our goals. The whole self love moment is so mainstream now (and much needed). However, it’s almost created another extreme, which is avoidance of discomfort and a need for instant gratification!

When we want something, we want it NOW and that includes seeing results from a fitness or food plan without true consistency or hard work.

According to Psychology Today, ‘over-reliance on instant gratification behaviours can create problems by changing our brains, distracting us from more meaningful pursuits, and leading to destructive financial, social, and health outcomes.’

We have recently partnered with ‘Who Dares Gyms’ in Bournemouth, an outdoor fitness facility operated and run by Former British Special Forces, Royal Marine Commandos and Mixed Martial Arts instructors. We’re proud to have been selected as their official fresh food provider – it shows just how trusted and effective our products are!

Our new partnership also allows us to get to know these high performers on a personal level, and learn from their experiences. These are individuals and teams who perform at the highest level, in the most stressful environments. They don’t hesitate, they don’t panic, they harness fear and use it for them, not against them.

‘Who Dares Wins’. The Motto of the SAS. At The Good Prep, we want to take a piece of the action and spread the message of that motto.

Doing something new or taking a step into the unknown is exactly how high-level performers live. They aren’t afraid of stepping outside their comfort zone and adding something new into their lives. Making changes that might not always feel good in the moment but ultimately lead to positive results.

This is what we want our community to start doing. Trying something new, or doing something you already do a different way. However stepping out of your comfort zone looks to you – taking action is what truly transforms lives.

Whether you’ve taken steps towards better health once, sporadically or consistently, we’re proud of you and want to encourage your progress.

Is The Good Prep the best quality meal prep company in the UK? Well that’s for you to find out, but one thing is guaranteed – we definitely aren’t your average meal prep company. We consider ourselves a premium service because we don’t cut corners. We put quality and freshness above all – to create cell-healing, energy generating meals that fuel you to reach your goals.

If you’re ready to build your best self, choose your favourite freshly prepped meals now.