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How to stick to your health goals this year

Did you know that only 8% of people who set a New Year’s Resolution to improve their health keep it?

Crazy right? The people who do manage to stick to them are the ones who have a plan. Usually, a meal prep plan!

It might surprise you to know that here at The Good Prep, we’re not fans of resolutions. We like goals, but we love intentional lifestyle changes. That’s the stuff that is actually sustainable in the long run and creates real, positive change.

The problem? People can have the best intentions of making changes in their lives, but when the daily grind hits, burnout usually isn’t too far away. It’s more important than ever to ensure we try to achieve the right balance between work, rest and wellness.

For most, the first thing to slip when we get busy or overwhelmed is nutrition. Sometimes, daily lives are so busy it’s near impossible to prepare the right food to stay on track. Meal prepping is the last thing on our minds when we have so much to do!

How to curb unhealthy food cravings

Unhealthy food cravings can hit us when we feel tired, overworked, anxious or stressed. This leads us to make less healthy choices and makes it harder to stick to our health goals.

The word “craving” automatically puts junk food, sugar and all those other things we know we shouldn’t be eating in excess, at the front of our minds. 

But what if we could actually retrain our brains to crave the good stuff?

A recent study put a group of people on a healthy meal prep plan for just 6 months. The findings? They radically transformed their cravings and taste buds. If they can do it – anyone can!

Of course, it’s not possible to squash every unhealthy craving overnight. However, in time, your body will be asking for healthier, nourishing meals. You’ll know how good it feels to eat well consistently. No longer using external circumstances like having no time to cook as an excuse to eat poorly. 

But let’s be honest – who wants to spend a whole Sunday meal prepping and washing up for the week ahead? That’s precious family / business / fitness time we can’t get back!

The good news? We’re here to support you on the nutrition front with our premium meal prep service. You can stay focused on the other things that matter.

Not only do we create the most delicious meal prep recipes, we also pack each meal with the nutrients you need. Everything tastes so good, you’ll trick your mind into thinking you’re having a cheat meal. If you’re a TGP customer, you already know that our meals do not taste restrictive AT ALL. Each one contains whole foods and home cooked, healthy dressings. You don’t have to worry about anything but picking your delivery up off your front door! Our food is always fresh, never frozen. So if you’re looking for a premium meal prep delivery service – you found us! We’ve even been highlighted as one of the best meal prep companies in the UK by the likes of GQ, Vogue, The Telegraph & more.

Transform your lifestyle and your relationship with food – start meal prepping with The Good Prep. Build your healthy meal plan now!