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Home » Mark Leruste: Mastering Meal Prep, Mindset and Movement for the Ultimate ‘Dad’ Bod Transformation

Mark Leruste: Mastering Meal Prep, Mindset and Movement for the Ultimate ‘Dad’ Bod Transformation

At The Good Prep, we’re obsessed with hearing how our customers fuel their journeys – from conquering marathons to building businesses.

Let’s get straight into a transformation story that will melt away excuses and spark your own journey to greatness. Get ready, we’re serving up a plate of motivation hotter than your next gym session!

Meet Mark Leruste; inspirational speaker and best-selling author.

He’s also the host of award-winning “The Unconventionalists” podcast, an accomplished TEDx speaker and a passionate advocate for various causes. Whether inspiring personal growth or advocating for social good, Mark consistently demonstrates that inspired action creates incredible results.

Inspirational speaker and best-selling author, Mark Leruste shows off the results of his incredible weight-loss and body transformation.

Mark’s transformation is a blend of courage, vulnerability, and relentless pursuit of personal growth. He’s not a fitness influencer with flawless lighting, but a human being striving for optimal health. He is proof that the biggest goals are within reach with the right mindset and unwavering commitment.

Partnering with Ultimate Performance, he crafted a training plan that aligned with his goals. At The Good Prep, we provided the healthy meal prep deliveries his body needed for nutritition. Mark waved good-bye to the dad bod and welcomed in some sculpted abs!

So, if you’re looking for a dose of inspiration to unleash your inner potential and ignite your own transformational journey – hear it straight from Mark himself.


Warning: prepare to be seriously inspired!

Are you ready to start your own body transformation?

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Connect with Mark on Instagram, head over to his website, or listen to The Unconventionalists here (we highly recommend!).


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