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Pimp my meal prep

2nd Jan 2020 / Recipes
Pancackes with marshmallows

Whether it’s your trainers or your car, everyone is customising everything. And whilst we think our meals are perfect just the way they are, we know that people like to put their own spin on things (and sometimes we use this inspiration to develop our menu).

Over the last month we’ve been running a survey to find out some of the ways our customers are customising their meal prep. From the delicious (although not exactly healthy) to the unusual, here are our top 3.

Adding melted marshmallows to the pancakes

Once we read this, we decided to give it a go… and can confirm it is a fantastic idea. It was absolutely delicious, but probably not something you could have everyday. Definitely one for special occasions or a rare treat.

The gooeyness of the melted marshmallows, work perfectly with the freshness of the fruit. If you have wiggle room on the calorie counter, we recommend giving this a try.

Activated charcoal

Activated charcoal has come from nowhere to become the talked about ingredient. It’s in beauty products, toothpaste and food.

The main reason for adding activated charcoal to your meal prep isn’t necessarily for taste, it’s more for the reported health benefits (although we’re not doctors, so please don’t take this as our recommendation). The main reported benefit of activated charcoal is helping the body get rid of unwanted toxins.

Putting our beetroot falafel, sweet mash and piri sauce in the blender

Now we understand that everyone has busy lives, but this seemed a bit extreme. The exact “recipe” was to heat the meal, put in the nutribullet, add milk and then blend.

It might make it easier to have the train coming home from work, and top marks for commitment and adaptability… but not one I’ll be doing regularly.

If you have suggestions you haven’t yet told us about, contact us at [email protected]. We’d love to hear from you.

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