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Pick a Meal Plan

Select a meal plan from below and then choose your meals.

Pick Your Plan

Choose a plan from below, then select your meals. To keep things fresh we split your order into two deliveries. Order by Thursday to receive your first delivery the following Sunday. Your second package will be with you on the Wednesday. Chill out and dig in.

  • Trim & Slim

    Trim & Slim

    Lean, fresh meals for people who want to lose weight. Features lower carbs, higher fats and quality protein!

    ✓ 5 day plan (starting from £26.40 per day)
    ✓ 3 meals per day
    ✓ 5 healthy snacks in total
    ✓ Lower carb, higher fat meals
    ✓ Portion-controlled for weight loss

    From: £132
    Free nationwide delivery
  • Maintain & Sustain

    Maintain & Sustain

    Regular sized, balanced components looking for consistent healthy meal choices to reach your goals and maintain performance.

    ✓ 5 day plan (starting from £29 per day)
    ✓ 3 regular meals per day
    ✓ 1 healthy snack per day
    ✓ Balanced, energising meals
    ✓ Portion-controlled for sustaining weight

    From: £147
    Free nationwide delivery
  • Grow & Gain

    Grow & Gain

    Large, balanced meals for if you are very active, train hard and need the extra energy in your day.

    ✓ 5 day plan (starting from £32.50 per day)
    ✓ 3 large meals per day
    ✓ 1 healthy snack per day
    ✓ High protein
    ✓ High in carbs

    From: £162
    Free nationwide delivery
  • Power & Plants (Ve)

    Power & Plants (Ve)

    Fresh, balanced vegan prepped meals for adding more of that plant-based goodness to your life.

    ✓ 5 day plan (starting from £24 per day)
    ✓ 3 large meals per day
    ✓ 1 healthy snack per day
    ✓ Plant-based protein sources
    ✓ Anti-inflammatory properties

    From: £120
    Free nationwide delivery
  • Balanced Plan

    Balanced Plan

    Regular sized, balanced components. Consistent healthy meal choices to assist you in your goals and performance.

    ✓ 5 day plan (starting from £19.80 per day)
    ✓ 2 meals per day (lunch and dinner)
    ✓ 1 healthy snack per day
    ✓ Portion-controlled

    From: £130
    Free nationwide delivery
  • 2 Day Taster

    2 Day Taster

    Ready to try our yummy, freshly prepared food? You’ll never look back! Options for meat-eaters, vegetarians and vegans.

    ✓ 2 day plan (£24.50 per day)
    ✓ 3 balanced meals per day
    ✓ 1 healthy snack per day
    ✓ Portion-controlled
    ✓ Total daily cals: approx 1800-2200
    ✓ Vegan option

    Free nationwide delivery

Build Your Own Plan

Need something more bespoke? Create your own menu by trying out our custom
plan builder.


How it Works

Choose your meals + we’ll deliver freshly prepped meals to your door.

  • Create a Meal Plan

    Pick a plan that works best for your needs, activity level and schedule. We prep, so you can focus your energy on the things that matter.

  • Choose Your Meals

    We use only delicious, fresh ingredients, so you can taste the quality in every meal.

  • Add Snacks and Juices

    Compliment your meals with 5 snacks, and if you want, as many detox juices as you’d like!

  • Get Convenient Weekly Deliveries

    To keep things fresh, we split your order into twice-weekly, contactless deliveries. Includes FREE nationwide delivery. We only use premium courier services.

What Our Customers Say


  • Spectacular food!

    Wow! Food just arrived! Beautifully presented and I couldn’t wait to try a protein ball whilst I heated up the teriyaki salmon and sweet potato. Best protein balls I’ve ever tasted. Might have to order a box of those with The next order! The food is absolutely delicious. Full of flavour and it’s hitting the spot. I’m still eating as I write this and was super excited to share how good this food actually is. It came in a box that was cooled as well so tasted very fresh. Thanks guys – Rakesh

  • Perfect meal prep company

    Thought I’d try out the food prep plan to see what it was all about, and it’s been fantastic on to my 2nd month now! The food is great, it’s tasty, it’s clean, perfect portion size. 5 star service all round. Food is fresh, varied and made to your liking at request. Would recommend it to anyone. Fuss free and excellent for keeping me on track. I’ve tried other meal prep companies before and was hesitant at trying another but The Good Prep have got it spot on. – Laura

  • Excellent as always

    Been using The Good Prep for almost 6 months now and finally decided to give them a review! The meals are excellent, almost restaurant quality, and varied enough so as not to become mundane. The delivery is reliable, not had a single issue in the 6 months. All in all would recommend in an instant to anyone wanting to sample the ease and convenience of meal prep. – Jack

Healthy Meals Delivered to Your Door.
Meal Prep, Made Easy.

  • Delicious, fresh ingredients, so you can taste the quality in every meal. Fresh not frozen.

  • Reclaim your time, refuel with real food, ready in minutes.

  • Twice-weekly delivery.
    FREE nationwide delivery.

  • No commitment, no contract, cancel anytime.

  • 100% recyclable packaging.

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