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From the very start, it’s been our mission to create fresh, nutritious meals that help you to prioritise nutrition, no matter how busy you are. As a business, we’re also passionate about the world we live in and believe taking individual action towards sustainability creates ripple effects that generate real change.



Breaking it down

The Good Prep Packaging

We’re not perfect, but we are ever-evolving. We’re actively committed to taking every step possible to make TGP good for your health and good for the earth. Eco-friendly packaging isn’t an option anymore. It’s a duty. Our packaging materials are fully recyclable. The denim cotton insulation is biodegradable, compostable and originates from recycled sources. It’s an eco-friendly choice that meets the performance criteria we need to deliver your meals at optimum freshness and temperature. The cardboard used for our meal trays is FSC-certified, meaning it comes from a forest and supply chain that is managed responsibly.

The Good Prep Ingredients

We’re committed to making our business earth-friendly. This means using locally sourced ingredients wherever possible. The protein sources used in our meals are all higher welfare, such as grass fed beef and marine-fed salmon (RSPCA certified). All of our other fish is sustainably sourced and can be traced directly, with species and catch area information.

How to dispose of our Eco-Box

Please do reuse your boxes where you can! However, if you aren’t looking to re-use the Eco-Box, then please note that both the cardboard outer and paper liner can go straight into your cardboard/paper recycling. Even if you put it in the bin and it ends up in your general waste, don’t worry, it is completely biodegradable, and will naturally break down.

Our Containers

PP IML tamper-evident packaging is our sustainable choice.

Recycling compatible

A packaging solution that works with the current systems of recycling in the UK – one that is widely recyclable, as 99% of the UK has kerbside recycling collection.

Single material

Our in-mould labelled tamper-evident packaging uses the same material, polypropylene, for both the container and label, meaning it can easily be recycled in the UK.

Carbon footprint

PP has a carbon footprint 24% smaller than PET.

Reduce food waste

When you eat The Good Prep way, only do you save time and get to enjoy healthy, delicious food, you also reduce food waste, too! Only use the food your body needs with our pre-portioned meals.

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