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Meet The Good Prep.

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Our Story

Want To Know The #1 Reason We Don’t Reach Our Health & Wellness Goals?

It’s too hard.

The truth is, it’s hard to find time in our busy schedules to buy healthy ingredients, find and plan the right meal plans, and cook them up… every single day.

Brothers-in-law and health advocates, Faith & Jem went on a mission to rewrite this equation by making fresh, healthy food the easiest option.

From humble beginnings, The Good Prep was born: A meal plan service that does the shopping, planning, prepping, and delivering for you — so you can stay on track with your wellness goals in just minutes.

Meet Your Wellness Partners, Jem & Faith.

  • Faith - The Good Prep Director & Co-founder
  • Jem - The Good Prep Director & Co-founder

With Faith’s African (Congolese) family and Jem’s Turkish background, the two set out to create delicious, fresh meals inspired by their cultures and heritage.

Between Faith’s business-savvy mindset and Jem’s athletic and wellness-driven entrepreneurial background, they created a chef-crafted meal prep service, designed to refuel your mind and body with the good stuff.

  • Food That Tastes Good & Is Good For You.

    The Good Prep caters to athletes, busy professionals – and anyone who wants to make wellness a priority.

    We’re here to ensure you open your door to healthy, fresh meals, not just bland filler ingredients.

  • Less Waste, More Wellness.

    The UK wastes around 9.5 million tonnes of food each year. This is money, time, and resources we can’t afford to lose.

    With The Good Prep, you can finally feel good about your food. Each meal delivery is calorie-controlled and strategically portioned to ensure you only get the nutrients you need — and nothing else.

  • The Beginning Of A Healthy Living Revolution.

    We’re on a mission to make fresh meals, nutrient-rich ingredients, and delicious flavours the new standard.

    Join us and several others, such as Men’s Health, Women’s Health, The Sunday Times, premier league football teams, and the fitness giant Ultimate Performance, in living The Good Prep way.

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