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Here’s Why Most Successful People Meal Prep

Here at The Good Prep, we pride ourselves on providing the freshest, healthiest meal prep in the UK, to high-performing people. These high performers are usually successful on their own terms. They meal prep as a tool to hold themselves accountable for their goals.

Successful people come in all shapes and sizes, but there are a few traits they usually have in common. Optimism, resilience and accountability. Focus on these traits within your life, and you will supercharge your mindset – putting you on a fast track to success.

Now, success is a word get gets thrown around in different directions all the time. Your opinion on success may be completely different to my opinion on success. Success looks different to everyone. It’s important to understand what success means to you and to define this so you can achieve your goals.

No matter what it means to you, one thing is for sure:

If you keep doing what you’re doing, you will keep seeing the same results.

Maybe you’re happy with your current situation. You want that little something more, to feel better in yourself, or perhaps you know you aren’t fulfilling your potential, so small changes need to be made.

By making realistic, consistent changes to your daily routine and mindset, you’ll make huge shifts in perspective and your overall lifestyle.

So, why is accountability such an important trait for success?

Accountability refers to the actions you take on a day-to-day basis. We hear it all the time “you must hold yourself accountable”. This is always held in negative connotations. Let’s start to flip the switch and look at the phrase in a more positive manner.

There are two outcomes to any situation.

The outcome you wanted, or the outcome you didn’t want. So being accountable for the outcome that was not hoped for is not a negative, it’s a chance to learn and grow. Being accountable for the outcome that was desired – what an amazing feeling!

Knowing deep down that the outcome was because of you is a confidence booster like nothing else. Start to take pride in your ability and know how worthy you are. It’s not talked about anywhere near as much as being responsible for the negative outcome.

What about the other character traits of successful people?

Top business executives, world-leading athletes and performance psychologists all agree that being optimistic is healthy, and necessary to achieve great things. Being optimistic is the idea that knowing a difficult challenge is ahead, but you are okay with that and can see around it, rather than shy away from it.

Let’s take Michael Phelps for example. He is the most decorated olympian of all time. Surely he knows a little something about what it takes to be successful. He‘s stated various times that visualization is critical for success. It’s the notion of simply imagining what you would like to achieve over and over again.

This is a mind trick that will create a mental image in your head of your future successful self. It’s a brilliant tool to create a sense of belief and build confidence.

Every day for 10 minutes. Visualise exactly how you want to look, where you want to be, the people who surround you….just your ideal self. Consistently perform this, and you will see a boost in your optimism levels. You know you can achieve anything you set your mind to, you just need to believe you can. 

Next, build on your resilience.

Our brains are like muscles; they need to be trained, worked on and conditioned every day. People who are not resilient will struggle to bounce back from failure. They will be in difficult situations and will not come out the other end. This is because they give up when it gets hard.

Failure is only a negative if you choose not to learn from it. If you use it as a learning opportunity, it will contribute to your growth. It just may take some time. Resiliency is the ability to adapt to the world around you. To avoid easy excuses and find solutions to problems. Resilient people are assets, they are infectious, and they show leadership potential. 

Each day, when faced with a stressful situation, or a potential problem, start to take a step back and reframe how you view the circumstance. Have a more positive outlook. This will avoid a spike in stress levels, and from here, take action.

Start with small steps, don’t become paralysed in the event. It will start to become clear. Now stay consistent, don’t veer off track. Keep the small steps in place and you will start to find the joys within the hard times. 

Finally, if you are serious about achieving your health and fitness goals, then adopting the three traits above will help you to create real change in your life. Start to learn about successful individuals. Tap into their minds, see how they think, how they act. Start to open your eyes and learn from your mistakes. Realise that success is achievable, but it won’t be easy.

Have clear goals and don’t stop until they are fulfilled. Find out what tools and systems you can put in place to hold yourself accountable, stay optimistic and continuously build your levels of resilience.

Here at The Good Prep we always strive for excellence, and we want our community to do the same.

We provide fresh meal prep, delivered to your door. We exist to help you become accountable for your own success when it comes to your health and fitness goals. Our meal plans take the guess-work out of nutrition, remove overwhelm and help you to feel empowered with your food choices.