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Meal Plans

  • Trim + Slim

    Trim + Slim

    Enjoy lean, fresh meals rich in healthy fats and quality protein that support your weight-loss goals.

    Key features include:

    ✓ High protein, low-carb meals
    ✓ Choose your own plan length, starting from £23 per day
    ✓ Personalise your plan to include breakfasts, snacks and cold-pressed juices

  • Balanced Plan

    Balanced Plan

    Stay on track with our well-balanced meals, designed to fuel your workouts, support muscle growth & increase energy levels.

    Highlights of our balanced plan:

    ✓ Select carb-based and low-carb dishes
    ✓ Option to select up to 5 main meals per day for building muscle
    ✓ Add breakfast, snacks and cold-pressed juices

  • Ultimate Performance

    Ultimate Performance

    In partnership with Ultimate Performance, we’ve designed this meal plan to support your fitness goals set by world-class UP trainers.

    Key features of our collaboration:

    ✓ Each meal meets the nutritional standards of UP
    ✓ Lower-carb, higher-protein meals
    ✓ Portion-controlled meal plan with full macro breakdown.

  • Halal Meal Prep

    Halal Meal Prep

    Fuel your health goals with freshly prepped Halal meals, cooked by our skilled chefs.

    Key features of our Halal meal plan:

    ✓ Halal meal delivery for weight loss or muscle gain
    ✓ Choose low-carb Halal meals or balanced dishes
    ✓ Halal-certified