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ADHD & Nutrition: How To Help Your Brain

Let’s dive into a mission that’s close to our hearts here at The Good Prep. We’re all about crafting those next-level, nutrient-packed meals that aren’t just about abs and gains – they’re about fueling your body AND your mind. 💡

Forget those over-curated Insta feeds for a second – let’s talk about the real people making a difference.

Meet our friend, Penny Belle. Battling ADHD like a boss, Penny has harnessed the power of nutrition to not only manage her symptoms but to unlock her mental resilience 🧠💪.

So, we sat down with Penny, had a real talk about her mental health journey, and guess what? Food was the hero of her story! She’s flipped the script on how she fuels her body and how she embraces every single day.

Imagine this: every bite of food you take is a step towards a sharper focus, a clearer mind, and an unshakeable mindset. That’s what Penny’s all about, and that’s what we’re all about too.

ADHD warriors – let’s find out how to make food the ultimate ally in our pursuit of mental wellness.

TGP: Hey Penny! Could you tell us a little bit about you and what you do?

P: I am a mental health and wellness blogger and advocate and I am also training to be a life coach. I am extremely passionate about teaching others to understand and love their brains. I didn’t know anything about mental health issues until I was 30! If I did, I would have avoided a lot of confusion, heartache and would have been so much more understanding toward others. I need to share the importance of this so that’s what I try to do!

TGP: When did you first get diagnosed with ADHD and what support have you had since your diagnosis?

P: I was diagnosed a year ago. I have been told medication is the only thing that will help me. I currently don’t take medication though. I am on a waiting list to see a psychotherapist. I was on a waiting list for CBT (behavioural therapy) which I heard was amazing but I have been diagnosed with Complex PTSD during the wait, so have now been advised that CBT may not help. Aside from all of this waiting, I am supporting myself by learning about how my brain works and how to manage my symptoms naturally.

TGP: As someone who is living with ADHD, how important is nutrition to you?

P: Nutrition is the first place I started when I began to change my life in order to love my brain. Our brains are connected to our gut, so you literally are what you eat. You eat rubbish, you feel rubbish. It’s simple.

TGP: What did you love most about using our service? Which meals are your favourite?

P: I loved everything! The way the meal prep is delivered straight to your door all neatly packed with coolers. I selected your vegetarian meal prep range and I was surprised by how flavoursome it was. In my past experience, chickpeas can be quite bland so I love how you guys spiced them up!

TGP: How does the food you eat impact your day-to-day activity, energy and focus?

P: I try my hardest to eat plant-based diet and when I stick to this and drink the correct amount of water (2L per day) – I feel amazing. I feel as energetic as I would if I had a cup of coffee. I remember fasting caffeine once and drinking over 3L of water a day to try to calm my cravings – and I found that by day three, I didn’t even miss coffee.!

I forget to eat sometimes when I am busy and find that I can’t think rationally. My mind feels all jumbled and super indecisive. When I make sure I eat healthy meals three times a day, I don’t get that big energy drop – like a comedown feeling. This is what I loved about using a meal prep service. I remembered to eat because it was already done for me. That sounds so lazy, but it really encouraged me to stay on track as all of my meals were freshly prepped.

Nutrition is the first place I started when I began to change my life, in order to love my brain.

– Penny Belle

TGP: Tell us about your morning routine…

P: I don’t really have a daily routine, but I try to fit in as much goodness as possible before I leave for work. As soon as I wake up (around 6am) I Thank God for some stuff, drink a big glass of water and declare my positive affirmations out loud. Our words are so powerful, so it’s vital to me that the first words I take in are uplifting ones. I plod around listening to music, playing with my cat, Belle and tidying up. I like to have a little read with my breakfast, plan my day in my diary, write my intentions in my journal then start getting ready to leave for work. 

TGP: What advice would you give to someone who wants to make changes to their health and fitness but is unsure of where to start?

P: Start little by little. Add a small amount of exercise to your day or week, then as you start to feel the benefits, you will feel motivated to do more. It’s the same with changing your eating patterns. Cut the wrong things down before cutting them out, and you won’t be as likely to fall back into bad habits or binging. 

Thanks so much Penny!

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