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Our Plans

  • Trim + Slim

    Trim + Slim

    From £66.50 (3-day plan) & £119 (5-day plan)

    Explore our menu of lean and refreshing meals. Featuring lower carbs, higher fats, and quality protein, our offerings cater to your nutritional needs.

    Key features include:

    ✓ Choose from our 3, 5 or 6 day plan, starting from £23 per day.
    ✓ Enjoy three delicious meals daily.
    ✓ Indulge in a total of three nutritious snacks.
    ✓ Experience the goodness of lower-carb, higher-protein meals
    ✓ All thoughtfully portion-controlled for your satisfaction.

  • Maintain & Sustain

    Maintain & Sustain

    From £66.50 (3-day plan) & £119 (5-day plan)

    Maintain your current state with our regular-sized, well-balanced components, perfect for those content with their current condition.

    Key features of our maintenance plan:

    ✓ Opt for our 3 or 5-day plan, with rates starting from £24 per day.
    ✓ Relish three satisfying meals each day.
    ✓ Treat yourself to one wholesome snack daily.
    ✓ Savor the goodness of balanced, energising meals.
    ✓ Benefit from portion-controlled servings to help maintain your weight.

  • Ultimate Performance

    Ultimate Performance

    From £66.50 (3-day plan) & £119 (5-day plan)

    In collaboration with Ultimate Performance, we’ve tailored our menu to complement the fitness goals set by their trainers.

    Key features of our collaboration:

    ✓ Choose from our 3 or 5-day plan, starting from £23 per day.
    ✓ Precisely curated to meet the nutritional standards of Ultimate Performance.
    ✓ Loower-carb, higher-protein meals recommended by Ultimate Performance.
    ✓ All meals are thoughtfully portion-controlled to ensure your satisfaction while taste and fitness.

  • Halal


    From £66.50 (3-day plan) & £119 (5-day plan)

    Indulge in our Halal-certified meals, featuring wholesome and healthy dishes prepared by our skilled chefs.

    Key features of our Halal plan:

    ✓ Choose from 3 or 5-day plan, from £23 per day.
    ✓ Relish three Halal-certified meals daily.
    ✓ Benefit from portion-controlled servings designed to help you maintain your weight.