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Home » Collagen In Food: What Are the Benefits?

Collagen In Food: What Are the Benefits?

Whether you’re passionate about nutrition or eager to make healthy changes to your own diet, chances are you’ve heard about the immense benefits of collagen. This super protein has become a must-have addition to supplement regimes across the globe, but collagen in food is discussed less frequently. 

If you’re keen to learn more about dietary collagen and the benefits on offer, read on to discover everything you need to know.

Everything You Need to Know About Collagen In Food

What Is Collagen?

Put simply, collagen is a protein found in large amounts throughout the human body – bones, muscles and skin included. It’s an essential component of connective tissue, playing an instrumental role in keeping cells together. 

As well as accounting for 30% of protein in the human body, collagen is also found in animals. It’s for this reason that animal-derived foods are rich in collagen – perfect if you’re looking to increase your intake and reap the many benefits.


Synthetic and plant-based collagen offer the same benefits as animal-derived collagen, making it a great choice for those opting for a vegetarian diet. The Good Prep’s bestselling Wild Berry + Collagen Protein Mousse is a popular example, delivering protein-packed goodness in every spoonful.

4 Collagen Benefits to Take Note Of…

1. Slows Down Visible Signs of Ageing 

As we’ve already established, the human body produces collagen naturally – so why is it so important to seek out foods rich in the protein? As we age, collagen production slows down and we have less of it in the body, resulting in a decrease in skin elasticity, thinner hair and weaker nails.

By eating collagen in food, the body’s natural resource can be boosted, encouraging cells to renew and repair themselves. The result? Fewer fine lines, thicker hair and stronger nails.

2. Reduce Joint Aches and Pains 

Collagen depletion in the body doesn’t just cause visible signs of ageing – it also contributes to physical ailments too. Joint aches and pains become more common as we get older, but research has shown that an increase in collagen consumption can have positive effects.

One study conducted by Current Medical Research and Opinion found that 73 athletes who consumed 10g of collagen everyday for 24 weeks experienced a lower level of joint pain, compared to those who didn’t take it.

3. Increased Muscle Mass + Strength

The collagen benefits for men and women are vast, especially for avid gym-goers. Researchers have found that supplemental collagen may promote the synthesis of muscle proteins such as creatine, as well as assisting muscle growth post-exercise.

This is because collagen is the most abundant protein in humans and is an important component of skeletal muscle throughout the body.

4. Heart Health

As well as promoting a more youthful appearance and an increase in strength, collagen has also been theorised to improve heart health too. The protein is a vital component in several organs throughout the body, including the heart and its essential arteries. Without a plentiful supply of collagen, these vessels may become less flexible and lose elasticity.

While more studies are certainly needed to set these benefits in stone, the science is certainly pointing researchers in the right direction.

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