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Touring Success: Balancing Nutrition, Music Management and Health

This week, we’re having a blog takeover with music manager Gabriele Power.

As someone constantly on the move, juggling demanding schedules, Gabriele understands the importance of prioritising her health and fitness amidst the whirlwind of her daily life. In our exclusive interview, Gaby shares her insights into how she navigates the challenges of maintaining a balanced lifestyle while pursuing her passion for music.

With a busy schedule that leaves little room for meal preparation, Gaby appreciates the time-saving convenience of having delicious, chef-prepared meals delivered straight to her doorstep.

TGP: Hey Gaby! Tell us a little about yourself and what you do?

G: Hey! I’m Gaby, and I work in the music industry managing a global band who’ve released an album and toured 100 shows across the world this year so far! I also produce a radio show on Saturdays, so Sundays are my only day off. The music industry is so exciting yet hectic, fast paced and never sleeps… depending on where you’re at in a campaign, album or single release, you could be pinging out emails from the moment your alarm goes off until your eyes shut again at night. That’s as well as having gigs, events and meetings to attend around working hours (and trying to squeeze in a little gym session some mornings before work when I’m feeling invincible!)

It’s a busy life, but a fun one; you have to love it to do it. It can consume a lot of your spare time, leaking into your hobbies and socialising. Sometimes, the work/play line gets blurred because that’s where most of your mates are!

TGP: Sounds intense! What challenges do you face when trying to stay on track with a healthy diet, being on the go so much?

G: So, assuming your brain is as fried as mine (or even just a little) after digesting my schedule, imagine trying to squeeze COOKING into that week please? Sometimes it isn’t even possible! However, as somebody with about a million dietary requirements, it’s super important for me to have something prepped (which is usually what my entire day off consists of). I’m unable to grab a sandwich or a take away meal on the go, due to a list of intolerances the length of my arm… which is great for somebody with insatiable hunger! N O T! 

TGP: You mentioned you usually spend a whole day meal prepping on your day off – that doesn’t sound like a day off to us! Is that why you first considered a meal prep service?

G: Yes! When I received my first The Good Prep meals delivery it was as if Christmas came early! I treated myself to a day out on the Sunday (as I didn’t have to spend the day cooking like I usually would) and got home to the box outside my door with the first three days worth of food. It was so exciting to see what goodies had arrived – all of the food was super fresh and the box was full of freezer packs to keep the food cool.

TGP: This makes us happy to hear! Which meals did you try out from our menu?

G: I chose a variety of the veggie and new vegan range of prepped breakfasts and lunches, with a healthy chocolatey snack to satisfy the sweet tooth after lunch, which went down a T R E A T. Each meal came in a super secure, perfectly sized (recyclable and reusable!) plastic container, so they were light and easy to pack for work when running out the door in the mornings.

The next delivery of fresh yumminess came on Wednesday and that tied me over for the rest of the week. It was such a treat being catered for and made my routine so much easier and simpler. Though I had to hire a personal body guard to stop the girls at work from nabbing the vegan waffles the moment I turned my back. Yep. They are to-die-for.

TGP: What was the best part of ordering meal prep with us?

G: The main benefit for me was the time I saved not having to prep, it was amazing! When I’ve got my next crazy week in store with early mornings and late nights, ordering from The Good Prep will be at the top of my to do list to ensure I eat properly and healthily throughout the chaos! The life of a busy bee… Working from AM to PM as well as trying to fit in the phone call with your Gran over lunch, (whilst getting your eyebrows done) and heading straight to the catch up over dinner with your friend after work, you begin to realise your day is zapped before you’ve even passed Go!

In the era of Instagram quotes, I live by this one “You Can’t Pour From An Empty Cup”. However, when trying to make time for everyone on top of living your best life, it’s so easy to forget about yourself until your energy is completely zapped and you no longer have anything to give!

TGP: How important is breakfast to you, in terms of fuelling your mornings?

G: Considering I start work at 10am, I’m very anti waking up before 6am, so there’s really no time for breakfast at home. This is why having some pre-prepped home made The Good Prep vegan, gluten free waffles or granola was soooo perfect and slotted into my mornings amazingly, it stopped me from binging on toast on days I couldn’t make my smoothie. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for me, so you may as well fuel up with the right stuff, after training and especially the days you can’t train! Start the day as you mean to go on!

So there you have it, a peek into my daily routine and my top tips for staying on track with your health and fitness goals,  even on the busiest days!

TGP: Aside from being set with your meal prep, how else do you get prepared for a busy week?

G: A strong morning routine is absolutely essential for me, to maintain good mental and physical well-being. In my world, a good morning looks like this:

6.00AM : Wake up, wash face, drink a cup warm lemon water

6.15AM : Write in my journal, affirmations, gratitudes and reflections

6.30AM : Get the bus to the gym and workout for 35 minutes

7.30AM : Get the bus home and get ready for work

8.30AM : Commute to work (1 bus + 3 tubes!)

10.00AM : Arrive at work = B R E A K F A S T

If I want to have a strong morning and strong start to the day,  everything is to the minute. The key is in your morning routine.

TGP: Thanks Gabriele! If you’re interested in follow Gabriele on her wellness journey, make sure you check out her IG: @itsgabypower