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Reducing sugar for better mental health

A balanced diet goes beyond the physical benefits… way beyond! Not only will eating nutritious food help to keep your energy levels up, your skin clear and give your body the good stuff it needs to function, it also has a huge impact on our mental health and wellbeing.

Mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression have faced huge stigmas over the years with many too ashamed to speak out about what’s going on in their minds, leaving them isolated and unable to ask for help. A shift in the last year or so (mostly due to the wonders of social media and the positive trend of activism) has meant that we are more aware of mental illnesses than ever, which is amazing news for those suffering and their families. However we believe recovery goes beyond a few inspirational quotes and want to highlight the things we can do to help those struggling whilst also keeping our own mental health in check. Don’t forget, mental health is just as important as physical health!

We all know the obvious: drink more water, get more sleep, meditate, ask for help, take medication if you need it – but how often do you hear nutrition being offered as a recovery tool?! Yep, food affects mood and this means what we decide to put into our mouths has a DIRECT affect on our emotions and mindset.

We can’t say that nutrition is the key to overcoming mental illness, as we know each case is very complex and different. However, we believe that we should all be educated on the healing power of food and how we can use it to aid our own mental wellness. Many of us consume way too much processed food, way too much sugar and no where near enough fresh produce, all of which contribute to soaring blood sugar levels which inevitably drop, leaving us anxious, irritated and tired.

Our delicious healthy brownies

The good news is, it’s so easy to make small changes to our daily diets to make a huge impact on how we feel and can handle emotions. Avoiding processed sugar is our number one tip – try cutting this out for a week and you’ll soon see the difference! You might go through a “withdrawal” period at first (yes it’s true that sugar is as addictive as some class a drugs!) and side effects of going cold turkey on your sweet tooth may include headaches, nausea and even breakouts. Stick with it though, as soon you will reap the benefits of increased energy levels, glowing skin and more clarity in your mind (say bye to 3pm brain fog!). We know cutting out the sweet stuff is HARD, being ex sweet addicts ourselves we feel your pain if you’re about to embark on this journey. However, we PROMISE it’s worth it and after a few weeks, your taste buds will reset and you’ll find a new sweetness in your favourite fruits and start to crave more natural sugars. Plus, if you want to keep your daily sweet treat you can still indulge in our delicious healthy brownies*, made from sweet potatoes with ingredients like medjool dates added for a natural sweet kick!

Are you ready to focus on your mental wellbeing, cut the cr*p and go all natural? Set yourself a two week, no processed sugar challenge and let us know how you get on! Your mind will thank you for it!

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